TOKYO SPRING event 12/23 Transgender Trouble

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日時: 12月23日 15:00~(16:00ではありません!)

場所: 新宿カフェ★ラヴァンデリア



bonjour everyone
Tokyo Spring next FILM/DISCUSSION event is on DECEMBER 23 from 15:00~
at Cafe Lavanderia, shinjuku

we will show a japanese documentary:

by Koki Ebata

the film is in japanese with english subtitles

Ms. Ebata will also be our guest speaker

the event is free of charge

could you please pass this info around to help me advetise it…merci

Original title 女として生きる (Live As A Woman)
English title Transgender Trouble
Director Ms. Koki Ebata
Production year 2011
Month April
In Japan, transvestites, transgendered people, so-called “new half”s, and those with Gender Identity Disorder are treated as outcasts, used for entertainment, and are regularly shown in appalling stereotypes on television and in the media. When not filtered by the lens of the mass media, their reality in fact represents a vast and not easily definable range of experiences and existences. “Transgender Trouble”, filmed over the course of one year, is the first movie by a transgendered Japanese director to depict the reality of what it means to be transgendered in Japan. The director focuses her camera’s gaze specifically on the performers in a ‘New Half’ (Shemale) cabaret show held in Tokyo where once each month over 300 people gather to drink, dance and cross-dress. People from various walks of life and a spectrum of gender identifications find liberty from the fetters of their everyday lives. The main characters of this movie are the organizer of the event, Moca, as well as Aya and Sugar, who take part in the so-called “Propaganda Girls”, the group featured as the star and main attraction of the caberet show. There are interviews with them as well as with different kinds of people who come to see the show. Other scenes show the day-to-day existence of the Girls, as well as their preparations for the event and the event itself.
Born in 1984. After graduating from college, she began shooting documentary in April 2009. Having completed the introductory documentary course at The Film School of Tokyo, she is currently studying in the Film and New Media graduate program at Tokyo University of the Arts.
Thank you
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